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Background Investigation

Background Investigation, Los Angeles Detective Agency

Background Investigations and Background Checks on individuals are often necessary for many different reasons and situations. Background Investigations must be comprehensive if they are to lead to informed decisions.  


Whether you are an individual, law firm, business, or insurance company, the private detectives of Los Angeles Detective Agency has the proven experience to provide the investigation services specific to your needs. 


Below is a partial list of reasons or concerns when you may want an investigation:


*    Asset Searches


*    Baby Sitter


*    Caregiver


*    Criminal History


*    Employment


*    House Keeper


*    Locate a Person


*    Missing Person


*    Nanny


*    Relationships




Asset Searches


Asset Searches are conducted for many different reasons to discover assets you need to know exist.


Asset Searches often start with a specific request and often expand to include a full comprehensive background profile Investigation. 


We provide Background and Locate Services to discover the assets you want to know exist. 


Child Safety 


When child safety becomes a concern we conduct investigations about the people in your child's life. Below are some examples:


Child left alone

Child left with someone else

Criminal Background Investigation

Illegal activity or drug use

Locate a Person

Spousal Investigation

Employment Verification

Surveillance to discover parent or guardian activity





The pre-employment background investigation satisfies compliance with screening out candidates who, based on their past history or other relevant information, are found unsuitable for the positions in question. The manner in which a background investigation is conducted can make the difference between hiring an individual versus someone who is not qualified for the position in question.


Background investigations are also among the most challenging investigations to conduct. They must be comprehensive if they are to lead to informed hiring decisions. Past misconduct and other signs of unsuitability must be uncovered so that unfit candidates are screened out. At the same time, inquiries into past performance must stay within the tight parameters of fair employment practices. The areas investigated and the evaluation of the resulting information must be treated consistently across all candidates.



Locate a Person / Missing Person













If you have a suspicion that you are dealing with a cheating husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, some type of investigation through surveillance and careful observation is almost always needed.


Private Investigator services consist of conducting a surveillance investigation to discover the truth by monitoring a person's behavior and activity to determine if they are being unfaithful. 

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