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Background Investigation

Background Investigation, Los Angeles Detective Agency


Background Investigations and Background Checks on individals are often necessary for many different reasons and concerns.


Below is a partial list of reasons or concerns when you may want an investigation into a person's background:


* Asset Searches

* Baby Sitter

* Caregiver

* Criminal History


* Employment

* House Keeper

* Locate a Person

* Missing Person

* Nanny

* Relationships

Asset Searches are conducted for different reasons to discover assets you need to know exist
Background Investigations and Background Checks are often necessary for many different reasons and concerns
child cusody and safety concern investigations
Consultant Sevices and Case Review and Evaluation on all Criminal Defense Matters
Civil Case Investigation, Private Investigator Support Service
Death Investigations when family members require further investigations
Infidelity Investigations are necessary when trust becomes a concern
Locate a person Investigations are often necessary for many different reasons
Process Service of Legal Documents services
Surveillance Investigations in all criminal matters, civil issues, and personal concerns
Woker's compensation investigations in personal injury claims
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