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Criminal Defense Investigation

Criminal Defense Investigation, Los Angeles Detective Agency


Consider that the prosecution ( District Attorney ) has a team of Investigators from the police department and investigators that are employed directly by the prosecution’s office to provide the investigation services that they need to prosecute their case against an individual charged with a crime.

With the above in mind, If you have been charged with a criminal complaint it's in your best interest to hire a private detective to provide you and your Defense Attorney with the investigation services to prove your innocence or to discover the truth in preparation for a defense.


To get an understanding of the case and the charges against an individual, a private detective will go over all of the material that the defense attorney has received from the prosecutor. This material include the police investigation reports, witness statements, evidence, photographs, phone records, and other discovery.  

A private detective is a valuable part of the criminal defense team. A private detective may investigate the crime scene, take crime scene photographs, interview witnesses to verify their statements in the police reports, to see if any of the witnesses stories have changed, discover and find other witnesses who had not come forward or find evidence that was not considered previously, and other investigative needs.


Our private detectives at Los Angeles Detective Agency investigate all criminal complaints from allegation of theft to allegation of murder. We have over 25 years of detective experience gained from our careers with the Los Angeles Police Department. Our private detectives have the experience and know how to conduct criminal investigations.


Our Private Detective services include:

* Background Investigations

* Case Review and Evaluation of the police investigation


* Consultant Services


* Crime Scene Investigation and Scene Photography


* Death Penalty Cases


* Evidence Examination


* Locate witnesses


* Preparation of investigation reports


* Subpoena Service


* Testifying in Court 


* Witness Interview and Statement.

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