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Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions, Los Angeles Detective Agency


It is our goal to provide information that will benefit a consumer when they consider hiring the services of a private detective in Los Angeles and greater Southern California. We hope you find the information useful and that ultimately you consider us to provide you with investigation services you need. Below are some frequently asked qestions (FAQ's) 


Question: What should client's ask before they hire the right private detective professional ?


​Answer: What is your background in conducting the type of investigation that I need?


How much experience do you have?


Where did you get your experience?



Questions: What should a client look for when hiring a private detective ?


​Answer: Make sure the private detective has a private investigator license if required by the state. In California a Private Detective must have a Private Investigator State License. A person without a license can work for a private detective company under the Licensed Private Investigator.


Find an experienced private detective with extensive investigative experience in the area that you need the work done on.


​Consider hiring a private detective who has a Law Enforcement Background. These professionals have extensive knowledge and experience gained on a daily bases from many years in their law enforcement careers. ​



Question: What do you wish a client knew about your trade ?


​Answer: That the private detective has extensive experience to provide professional private detective support services in the specific area of the client’s need.


​Get the private detective cost before services are rendered.


​Have a written agreement.​



Question: What important information should clients think about before they hire a private detective or private investigator ?


​What are they going to do with the information they obtain?​


What are the investigative goals?


​What are they trying to accomplish?



Question: Can a Private Detective get telephone records in criminal cases ?


Answer: No. Telephone Records are confidential information and require a search warrant signed by a judge. Law Enforcement detectives can write search warrants explaining the reason and probable cause as to why they need to get the telephone records in relation to an investigation. However, private detective are private citizens and can not write search warrants because they are not law enforcement personnel.​



Question: What kinds of private detective work do you do for your clients ?​


Answer: We are Full Service Private Detective and Investigator Agency. Our core team members consist of retired LAPD Homicide Detectives and our expertise are Murder Investigations, that include any type of motive for an individual that commits a crime, which range from a simple theft to acts of violent crimes such as armed robbery and child and adult sexual abuse.


The types of work we do consist of about: 50% - Criminal defense Investigations from allegations of theft to allegations of murder investigations. The other 50% Cases that involve Background Check and Investigations, Death Investigations to determine if foul play was involved and unsolved murder cases to solve them, Missing Persons, Locate a Person, Elderly Abuse, Adultery Investigations, Child Custody Cases, Workers Compensation, Surveillance, Personal Protection Service and Security Guard Services.



​​Question: Why does your work stand out from that of other private detective ?​


Answer: Los Angeles Detective Agency, core group team is comprised of retired LAPD Homicide Detectives and each member has 20 to 30 plus years of extensive law enforcement investigative experience in dealing in all aspects of an investigation from vice, narcotics, crimes against persons, juvenile, missing persons, major crimes and murder investigations. These experiences include surveillance, background investigations, witness interviews and locating persons.​​



Question: What are the most recent cases you have completed ?


​Answer: Consistantly we are asked to investigative the following types of cases:


Criminal Defense


Death Investigation


Locate Missing Person


Background Investigation


Spousal Support Investigation​


Surveillance investigations when trust becomes a concern


Surveillance Investigations in workers compensation cases

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