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Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule, Los Angeles Detective Agency

Dated January 1, 2020
Private Detective Services / Per Investigator

Initial Consultation                                  1 hr free

Per case.

Case - Retainer                                       10 hours

Retainer required before services begin.

Retainer amount is usually 10 to 40 hours and determined on per cases bases.

Hourly Rate 

Includes case review, preparation, private investigator services, reports, travel time.

Rush Request - Hourly Rate                   $175.00

Time sensitive assignments to be completed within 14 days.

Out of State Investigations                       $225.00

Investigations that require travel outside of California

Expenses                                                Billed at actual rate

In some cases, expenses may includes hotel, airline travel, vehicle rental, travel time, etc.

Overnight lodging meals per-diem, daily $60.00

On - Line Investigator Resources            Cost Vary

Cost vary depending on the investigation requested.

Deposition and Trial - Hourly Rate          $150.00

Includes preparation, attendance, testimony,  travel time.


The Client / Guarantor is solely responsible for payment of all invoices and expenses. Payment is not contingent on Client / Guarantor obtaining payment from anyone else.

Invoices and final payment are due upon receipt by the Client / Guarantor. If the unpaid balance is not remitted within thirty days a finance charge late fee of 2.0% per month will be assessed on the unpaid balance.

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