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Child Custody and Safety Investigations

We were recently contacted by a lady that was going through child custody concerns. The lady had consulted with an attorney and the attorney referred her to us. She was concerned about the child's safety. After discussing her concerns, she believed the child was not being cared for by the child's father and that the child was actually being cared for by the child's grandparent, adding that the father had a drinking problem he would take the child to the child's grandmother and leave the child there over night. The lady was also that he might be driving while intoxicated with the child in the car.

We conducted a two day surveillance of the father over a weekend and found that he in fact did take the child to the grandmother's house and left the cild there over night. In this particle case the child's father went to work after leaving the child with the grandmother and then the father returned late at night and spend the night with the child at the grandmother's house, leaving with the child the next morning.

As a result of the surveillance investigation the lady found some peace of mind but still expressed concerns over the child care and safety. The surveillance investigation could have resulted differently, perhaps in finding that the father was driving while intoxicated or leaving the child with the grandmother and then him going to a bar and/or not caring about the child. There could have many different outcomes but in this case that was not the situation.

In considering if you need to hire a private detective, here are some other examples of when child custody and child safety becomes an issue or concern: Child left alone, Child left with someone else, Criminal Background Investigation, Employment Verification, Illegal activity or drug use, Locate a person, Spousal Investigation, to discover parent or Guardian activity.

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