James Gollaz, Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

JAMES GOLLAZ, Private Detective



Owner and CEO of Los Angeles Detective Agency, a Private Investigation Company.


Provide consulting and investigation services to clients in a wide spectrum of concern areas including, criminal defense, criminal prosecution, family court, insurance claims, employment liability, missing persons and other claims demanding the application of specific investigative knowledge to each area.

Goal-oriented with 28 years of active law enforcement experience, include 22 years of detective experience with expertise in the Los Angeles Police Department, Elite Robbery-Homicide Division, Homicide Special Section.


Investigation of complex murder cases and high profile investigations.

Sensitive to the needs of the organization, it’s employees and community.


Proven leadership skills, demonstrated ability to make strategic decisions.

Recipient of numerous professional and civic awards for outstanding service.


Los Angeles Police Department, 28 years, retired.

1980 - 6 months
* Los Angeles Police Academy

1980 - 1985

* Patrol Officer
* Crime Prevention and responded to calls for service
* Undercover Vice Investigations
* Detective l

* Hollenbeck Detective Division
* Crimes Against Person and Property Investigations
1988 - 1990

* Detective l

* Central Homicide Division
* Murder Investigations
* Detective II

* Robbery-Homicide Division, Officer-Involved Shooting Section
* Officer-involved shooting Investigations
* Crimes Against Police Officers Investigations
* Detective II and III

* Robbery-Homicide Division, Homicide Special Section
* Murder Investigations
* High Profile Criminal Cases
* Threats Against Police Officers
* Murder of Police Officers
* Officer-Involved Shooting Investigations
* Crisis Negotiation Team, primary detective
* President of United States Protection Detail
* Task Forces, lead task forces cases
* 2007, Retired, LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division, Homicide Special Section


Brief summary of experience during detective career with the Los Angeles Police Department:
* Investigating and preparing criminal cases for trial
* Interviewing suspects, victims and witnesses

* Collecting, evaluating and analyzing evidence

* Preparing and executing search warrants
* Filing criminal cases
* Preparing and executing arrest warrants

* Assisting affiant with search warrants

* Personally serving subpoenas
* Conducting surveillance

* Transporting witnesses to and from court
* Testifying in court
* Preparing written and verbal reports containing facts and findings on Investigation.


2001 - Present
Private Investigator, State of California PI License 29012
* Private Detective for attorneys, businesses and individuals


Brief summary of experience gained as a private investigator in conjunction with police detective experience. The experience includes but is not limited to the following:
* Asset Searches

* Background Investigations
* Criminal Defense Investigations

* Criminal Prosecution Investigations

* Civil Issue Investigations
* Death Investigations
* Locating Person
* Missing Person
* Murder Investigations
* Personal Injury
* Personal Records
* Process Service
* Surveillance
* Witness Interviews
* Witness Statements


2009 -2012
Riverside County Superior Court Panel of Licensed Investigators

* Court assigned as private investigator on criminal defense cases

2009 - Present
Los Angeles County Superior Court Panel of Licensed Investigators

* Court assigned as private investigator on criminal defense cases

2009 - Present

United States District Court - Central District of California - Criminal Justice Act ( CJA )

* Federal Court assigned as Private Investigator on criminal defense cases 


1972-1976, High School, San Gabriel, Ca
1976-1978, East Los Angeles College, CA., course work in major of administration of justice.
1978-1980, Los Angeles California State University, Los Angeles, CA., course work in major of criminal justice.

1980 – 2007 Los Angeles Police Department, included 22 years of detective experience.
* Police Officer Standard and Training (P.O.S.T.) Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Supervisor certificates
* Numerous in-service training certifications through continued education.

* Numerous Seminars Education courses related to investigation field

* Numerous Supervisor Certificates and Commendations  



Member of California Association of Licensed Investigators

Member of Los Angeles County Superior Court Panel of Licensed Investigators

Member California Homicide Investigators Association




Police Officer Standard and Training ( P.O.S.T. ) Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Supervisor Certificates

Licensed Private Investigator 29012





Our Management and Lead Private Detective Team
James Gollaz, Senior Detective
info@losangelesdetectiveagency.comPhone: 1-213-453-2761
Rob Bub, Senior Detective
Phone: 1-213-453-2761
Curriculum Vitae

Private Detective James Gollaz is a veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department's Elite Robbery-Homicde Division, Homcide Special Section, with 28 years of service including 22 years of Homicide investigations while assigned to both Central Homicide Division and Robery-Homicide Division. He has also experience in Surveillance, stakeouts, and undercover operations. Mr. Gollaz is a senior private detective and Director of Investigations.

Private Detective Rob Bub is a veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department with 33 years of service including 22 years of homicide investigations while assigned to both Divisional Homicide Units and Robbery-Homicide Division. He has also experience in surveillance, stakeouts, and undercover operations. Mr. Bub is a senior private detective and Co-Director of investigations.

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