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Rob Bub, Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Rob Bub, Private Detective

Qualification Highlights


  • Over twenty years of expertise investigating: 


  • Murder 

  • Attempted Murder

  • Sexual Assault

  • Stalking

  • Domestic violence 

  • Auto Theft

  • Over 20 years directing:

    • Surveillances 

    • Undercover operations

  • Over 25 years training, managing, and supervising subordinates 

  • Excellent interview skills honed through thousands of interviews and interrogations.

  • Extensive national and international travel experience in the course of duties


Career Highlights


  • Department Representative/Monitor to the Federal Civil Rights Trial in Rodney King case

  • Directed interstate investigations involving Federal, state and municipal agencies

  • Linked fresh homicide case to cold serial case resulting in the creation of a task force and capture of a serial killer

  • Directed Cold Case investigation resulting in the arrest of an active 26 year LAPD police detective


Professional Achievements


  • Over 80 commendations, including letters of commendation from the

    • Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office,

    • United States Department of Justice

    • Federal Bureau of Investigation.

  • Assignment to successful high profile task forces, which require working with FBI, ATF, and other federal agencies requiring numerous man-hours, and follow-ups. 


Professional Experience


32 years -- Los Angeles Police Department


Detective Assignments                        May 1993 – March 2015


  • Homicide/Sexual Assault/Gang Crime Coordinator for Van Nuys Division 


  • Oversee all administrative functions

  • Conduct and direct investigations 

  • Train homicide investigators

  • Conducted Misconduct Investigations



  • Officer In Charge of the Robbery-Homicide Division, Cold Case Homicide Unit.  

A specially selected team of twelve detectives responsible for reopening and investigating of all unsolved homicides in the city of Los Angeles.  

  • Oversee investigations and forensic submissions for DNA, fingerprints, and ballistic evidence for the City of Los Angeles.  

  • Monitored numerous Investigative Teams and Investigations.


  • Investigator in the Robbery-Homicide Division – Homicide Special and Officer Involved Shooting Sections

An elite team of detectives responsible for solving the most difficult homicide cases, including serial homicides, high profile cases and investigation intensive murders.  

  • Directed and completed criminal and administrative investigations of Officer Involved Shootings by department employees 

  • Conducted interrogations of suspects and interview of witnesses.

  • Directed research with numerous scientific resources within the Department 

  • Wrote and served numerous search warrants. 

  • Worked closely with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office and the U.S Attorney’s Office in the prosecution of these cases.  

  • Assisted Out-of-state Police Departments in murder investigations.

  • Participated in monitoring and writing affidavits/warrants for Electronic Surveillance during homicide investigations.



  • Handled basic investigative functions ranging from auto theft and vehicle related burglaries through domestic violence related assaults. 


Vice/Undercover Assignments                      June 1989 - May 1993


  • Handled specialized investigations involving complex vice problems including interstate prostitution service. 

  • Conducted and supervised surveillances and undercover operations. 

  • Prepared numerous search warrants for various locations, including local and out-of-state telephone companies and     single and multiple crime locations. 

  • Developed and supervised informants. 

  • Managed and assisted investigations, and supervised the undercover operations of divisional vice units. 

  • Worked extensively with electronic surveillance equipment.  

  • Conducted numerous investigations ranging from street prostitution to high price escort services. 

  • Directed investigations of businesses in violation of various alcohol regulations in the State of California. 

  • Conducted narcotics investigations resulting in arrest and convictions of narcotics dealers. 

  • Trained incoming vice officers in the standards and practices of vice investigation.


Patrol Assignments                             March 1982 - June 1989


  • Worked the basic patrol function including preliminary investigation of all types of crimes, including forgery,     burglary, robbery and homicide scenes. 

  • Conducted and wrote evaluations of probationary employees including daily entries and biweekly reviews, and     training of probationary officers on a daily basis. Rated unsatisfactory employees, and documented unsatisfactory performance resulting in termination.


Professional Organizations

California Homicide Investigators Association

Fraternal Order of Police

Los Angeles Police Protective League

Los Angeles Police Relief Association


Available upon request



Available Upon Request

Our Management and Lead Private Detective Team
James Gollaz is a private detective and owner of Los Angeles Detective Agency, a private detective agency in Los Angeles California
James Gollaz, Senior Detective
Phone: 1-213-453-2761
Curriculum Vitae
Rob Bub is a private detective with Los Angeles Detective Agency, a private detective agency in Los Angeles California
Rob Bub, Senior Detective
Phone: 1-213-453-2761

Private Detective James Gollaz is a veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department's Elite Robbery-Homicde Division, Homcide Special Section, with 28 years of service including 22 years of Homicide investigations while assigned to both Central Homicide Division and Robery-Homicide Division. He has also experience in Surveillance, stakeouts, and undercover operations. Mr. Gollaz is a senior private detective and Director of Investigations.

Private Detective Rob Bub is a veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department with 33 years of service including 22 years of homicide investigations while assigned to both Divisional Homicide Units and Robbery-Homicide Division. He has also experience in surveillance, stakeouts, and undercover operations. Mr. Bub is a senior private detective and Co-Director of investigations.

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