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Private Investigator Services

Whether you are an individual, law firm, business, or insurance company, the private detectives of Los Angeles Detective Agency has the track record and proven experience to provide the investigation services specific to your needs. Our private detectives have successfully provided investigation services to clients in a wide spectrum of concern areas including criminal defense, family court, insurance claims, employment liability, missing persons, and other investigation services specific to individual needs.


As a carefully formed private detective agency of recognized subject matter experts, we work with you and provide the right resources specific to the investigation need. We consistently adhere to strict quality and privacy standards in order to ensure our work remains unbiased, relevant, and accurate. When you decide to work with Los Angeles Detective Agency, you’re guaranteed accurate, honest and timely results.  

Los Angeles Detective Agency investigation team is comprised of retired detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department.


Our private detective professionals have gained over 25 years of investigative experience throughout their detective law enforcement careers.


We employ only experienced private detectives from varied background and experience that meet the high standard requirement of experience required to meet each client's specific need.

Private Detective Services

Asset Searches
Case Review and Evaluation
Civil Case Investigation
Death Investigation
High Profile Case Investigation
Locate a Person
Murder Investigation
Process Service / Subpoena
Subscriber / Phone Trace
Witness Interview / Statement
Consultant Criminal Cases
Criminal Prosecution
Divorce / Family Law
Infidelity Investigation
Personal Injury
Spousal Support

We are a full service private detective agency in Los Angeles, California.

We serve Greater Southern California and throughout the United States.

Los Angeles Detective Agency

Private Detective


Los Angeles Detective Agency is known for employing some of the most experienced and educated investigators in the area. We have many years of experience working both small and large scale cases and we understand what its takes to get the results you need. We consistently adhere to strict quality and privacy standards in order to ensure our work remains unbiased, relevant, and accurate.

We are based in Los Angeles Ca. and serve Greater Southern California, and throughout the United States.

James Gollaz is the founder and owner of Los Angeles Detective Agency. Mr. Gollaz is a veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department's Elite Robbery-Homicde Division, Homcide Special Section, with 28 years of service.

City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Detective Agency, Private Investigator

In 2001, Mr. Gollaz obtained his private investigator license and founded Los Angeles Detective Agency, which has allowed Mr, Gollaz to extend his experience for helping people at all levels of investigative services beyond his employment with the Los Angeles Police Department.


Mr. Gollaz employs only experienced private detectives from varied backgrounds and experience that possess the expertise and meet the high standard requirement of experience required to meet each client's specific investigation need.


Mr. Gollaz is a senior private detective and he is also in charge of investigative assigments and field operations.


Our core group members are active in a number of professional organizations such as the California Association of Licensed Investigators, proud members of the California Homicide Investigators Association, and the Investigator panel of the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles  

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Los Angeles Detective Agency is to provide professional private detective services with a commitment to quality service that is in the best interest of each client and with the goal of the best possible outcome in every client's case.

We are proud members of these professional organizations 

Logo of Los Angeles Detective Agency, a private detective agency

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services

Los Angeles Detective Agency is a proud member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators

California Association of Licensed Investigators

Los Angeles Detective Agency is a proud member of the investigator Panel Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles

Investigator Panel Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles

Federal Court-Seal.png

Investigator Panel United States District Court - Central District of California - Criminal Justice Act ( CJA ) 

Los Angeles Detective Agency is a proud member of the California Homicide Investigators Association

California Homicide Investigators Association

Testimonials, Los Angeles Detective Agency

All investigations conducted by Private Detectives of the Los Angeles Detective Agency are strickly confidential and are client previleged communication. We do not solicite client testimonials. Clients verbally express their graditude and thank us for our services. At times, clients write us a thank you note. Below are some of our Client Testimonials.


Hello Mr. Gollaz,


I'm in awe at your extraordinary work you have rendered, as well to the swiftness of locating Ms. “ … ”.  Soon after reading your email, I sent a text message to “ … ” to share the good news and I sensed that by her response that she was ecstatic when she sent me an enthusiastic-looking smiling emoji as a result of your phenomenal investigative skills and talent.


Mr. Gollaz, I am genuinely grateful once again for your assistance and for rekindling our friendship that had begun a little bit more than 30 years ago.  It was through my girlfriend at the time, “ … “, that our lives would intertwine. Moments that were filled with many joyful moments, until one spring day during the month of April back in '89 when it all abruptly came to a tragic end.  


Through her loss, we all discovered that we never forgot each other during the past three decades.  


Once again, I thank you.


M.S. Los Angeles, CA


I was extremely satisfied with your extraordinary service when Mr. James Gollaz's expertise was able to assist me about a year ago in locating a fond friend of mine, Ms. " ... " . Since then we have been in close communication.   Thank you for your phenomenal service!

M. S. Los Angeles, CA


Kudos to James and whoever, if anyone, assisted him in searching for my best friend. In just a couple of days, he's done more than I was able to accomplish in three years of looking for him. He's not actually found at this writing, but I expect, because of James' efforts, to finally locate him very shortly! When you hire a detective - someone you don't know - on the phone and send him in, you naturally wonder if he's really doing the job. James came with data that told me, beyond doubt, that he does what he says! He could not make this stuff up. I'm very pleased with him and Los Angeles Detective Agency and I recommend them highly! Thank you, James! And, thank you LADA!

J. J. Inglewood, CA


Hello Mr. Gollaz, I would like to take a minute to thank you more than anyone for everything you did for me. All your hard work and dedication and you always believing in me when others wouldn't motivated me not to give up. Without your help who knows if at this moment I would be having dinner with my family. I will always be so thankful to you for finding out the truth and proving my innocence. Once again thank you for everything and happy thanksgiving. Best wishes to you and your family for the holidays.

G.R. Montebello, Ca



I am a criminal defense attorney who has worked with Private Investigator James Gollaz. He is a fierce fighter in investigating and searching for the truth. An example of this was a difficult burglary case we recently worked on where my client was accused of stealing from his employer. There was positive identification of my client by 2-3 employees but my client insisted and swore he was not working that day and was home. The evidence against my client was stacked and no one was believing him. Detective Gollaz was able to track down and find the true person who committed the crime and we were able to convince the Pomona Courthouse Prosecutor to drop all the charges (very rare in Pomona court where they have a 99% conviction rate). Detective Gollaz found the person who used the exact Uhaul rental to commit the burglary, ran a DMV license check and found his DMV photo looks almost exactly like our client! There was still work yet to be done. Detective Gollaz was also able to track down the actual perpetrator's cell phone information and connect the calls he made to the scene of the crime! Doesn't just happen in the movies, it happens with James Gollaz! A good lawyer turns into a great lawyer with a great investigator like Detective Gollaz. Thank you James for stellar work - as always!


R.J. Manuelian, Attorney, Los Angeles, Ca




Thank you very much for the quick turnaround. We really appreciate your prompt service and high quality work.


​R. T. Attorney, Los Angeles, Ca.




I have been using James Gollaz for my most recent LA case and he has been great!! I highly recommend him.


Richard Berkon. Attorney, San Diego, Ca.




On April 11th I was involved in an incident with Pomona Police Department and my attorney referred me to Gollaz and Associates to interview some independent Witnesses. I'm really pleased with their services because they were really quick and accurate. Also, the prices for the services provided were more than fair and Mr. Gollaz was really professional and respectful. I like how they always kept me inform about what was going on with the interviews of the witnesses. His interviews and professional skills helped me and my attorney to obtain a non guilty verdict. I'm really pleased with their services.


S. A. Los Angeles, Ca.


We provide clients with investigative findings in all aspects of private detective work
Private Investigator and detective services
Criminal Defense Private Detective
Surveilance investigations in Los Angeles CA
Private investigator in worker's compensation claims
Private Detective in personal concerns
Frequently Asked Questions

It is our goal to provide information that will benefit a consumer when they consider hiring the services of a private detective in Los Angeles and Greater Southern California. We hope you find the information helpful and that ultimately you consider us to provide you with investigation services. Below is a partial list of frequently asked qestions (FAQ's) 


Question: What should client's ask before they hire the right private detective professional ?


​Answer: What is your background in conducting the type of investigation that I need?


How much experience do you have?


Where did you get your experience?



Questions: What should a client look for when hiring a private detective ?


​Answer: Make sure the private detective has a private investigator license if required by the state. In California a Private Detective must have a Private Investigator State License. A person without a license can work for a private detective company under the Licensed Private Investigator.


Find an experienced private detective with extensive investigative experience in the area that you need the work done on.


​Consider hiring a private detective who has a Law Enforcement Background. These professionals have extensive knowledge and experience gained on a daily bases from many years in their law enforcement careers. ​​

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